The Dark Side of News


Journalism is a powerful tool. It can educate, inform, and inspire. Nevertheless, it can never change the world. While some people claim that the news is propaganda, some others say it inspires people. There is a thin line between the two. Some people say that the news represents liberal propaganda and others say it is a form of advertising.

Journalism is a powerful tool

When it comes to public policy, journalism is a powerful tool. While it can often be a useful and effective tool, it also has a dark side. Funders say that they cannot measure the impact of their investments, but journalists need to demonstrate the effect of their stories. They can do this through impact indicators, which are a collection of data points that demonstrate an impact on a particular issue or community. These impact indicators can range from legislative changes to official responses, to a simple change in a street sign. They can also measure traffic, which includes social media and a large cross-section of stakeholders, and amplification, which is when journalists have their stories picked up by outlets with a larger audience.

In the digital age, journalists are utilizing more tools. Today, the most common tool in the field is the smartphone, which is capable of shooting images and recording audio. This means that journalists are able to produce high-quality, professional work even when they’re on the go. They can also use social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to promote their work, connect with their sources, and interact with the public.

It spreads communalism

The media is a powerful tool, but it can also spread communalism. Using the wrong narrative can create an environment of fear and division. In India, for example, vernacular press has often been accused of spreading canards and driving a wedge between communities, leading to violence and riots.

Fake news has become a huge business, with many web portals generating news that is untrue, inaccurate, and spreads communalism. A recent example is an article published by a Postcard news portal that claimed that the Vice-President of India had spent 300 crores on foreign travel. It then attacked the Government of India on a matter of minority rights.

It preaches nationalism

It is disturbing that Christian nationalists are advocating for aggressive politics, and this is not the normal Christian response to politics. Christian nationalists often use language that is diametrically opposed to their own Christian beliefs, and they treat their opponents as devils. They believe that they cannot convince their opponents by argument and must destroy them by force. The conservative Christian view of America as the “New Israel” contributes to this offensive narrative.

Those who are concerned about Christian nationalism are right to question whether Fox News preaches nationalism or not. Many commentators on the network present an inaccurate, oversimplified version of Christian nationalism. In addition, Fox News has a tendency to group news stories based on their importance, timeliness, and seriousness. These stories cover topics as diverse as international events to local churches. The degree of seriousness varies from humorous to tragic.

It makes readers say ‘Gee Whiz’

One of the most basic criteria of a good news story is that it makes readers say “Gee Whiz!”. News is an important aspect of our lives, and if it is written with clarity and a picturesque perspective, then it will make readers say “Gee!” Too bad, this saying has fallen by the wayside due to the proliferation of news sources and our lowered capacity for surprise.