What Are Business Services?

Business services

Business services are tasks that help a company function but don’t produce a physical commodity. These tasks range from logistics and shipping to marketing, accounting and IT support. Many of these types of activities are performed outside the company by third parties. A good understanding of business services is essential to a successful enterprise.

For globalEDGE, all work related to money or asset management is classified under Financial Services, while all other miscellaneous help a company may need falls under Business services. The category also includes things like animal control and pest extermination, maintenance and even the in-office day cares companies provide to their employees.

The biggest component of this sector is IT service, with many businesses relying on these professionals to handle everything from software installation and upgrades to hardware repair. Some of these professionals specialize in certain areas, such as security and data management. Regardless, they are all critical to a company’s technology needs and are often the first people called when a computer is having issues.

Another big area of business services is logistics, which can encompass anything from warehousing to picking and packing for eCommerce fulfillment. Companies that offer these services are often a part of the supply chain and act as intermediaries between manufacturers and customers. They can also be a great resource when a company is trying to find a way to improve their logistics and fulfillment processes to compete with the competition.

Marketing is another important area of business services, with many firms offering services to help companies get more customers and generate more leads. These services can be in the form of traditional advertising, social media management or even consulting on how to better compete online. In some cases, companies that offer these services will focus on specific industries or even geographic regions to target their efforts more effectively.

Other common business services include janitorial and cleaning, which are used to keep the workplace clean and functional. Transportation and shipping services can help a company move their products to different places, while real estate agents are useful when looking for a new location or negotiating rental agreements. Utility service companies offer the basic utilities, such as electricity and water, that a company needs to run its operations.

Many of these kinds of services can be performed remotely, which gives workers the flexibility to work from home or anywhere that offers a reliable Internet connection. This type of flexibility can be helpful for employees who want to have a better work-life balance or simply don’t want to commute long distances each day. Many of these jobs also pay well, with salaries ranging from $40,000 to $110,000 per year. For example, one of the most popular jobs in this field is a virtual customer support representative, which can earn an individual up to $51,000 per year. Interested in learning more about working remotely? Check out our free virtual work training programs, which give participants hands-on experience with the day-to-day tasks associated with these jobs.