What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a broad category that can cover everything from clothing to shoes and lifestyle. It also includes hairstyles, makeup, body posture, and accessories. What’s more, fashion implies a trend. In addition, it involves self-expression and personal autonomy. It is a social, political, and cultural expression.

Styles of clothing

There are many different styles of clothing. Some are very feminine and others are very masculine. The feminine style features pastel colors, lace, bows, and florals. It can also incorporate eye-catching silhouettes and cinched waistcoats. You can also wear blouses and skirts that are long and flowy.

Social class

Fashion can be a great way to show social class. However, social class is not always easy to define. There are many different classes, and it can be difficult to determine which class a person belongs to. The first factor is the way an individual lives. The way they eat, their drinking habits, and their lifestyle all contribute to social class.


The generations in fashion leave their mark. Much like the popular music, the styles of each generation are immediately recognisable. Daisy chain headbands, tie-dye, and low-rise jeans are all distinctly boomer-era looks. The clothing and accessories of every generation make an impact on the fashion world, and some look like iconic pieces.


Geography and fashion are often linked. Both disciplines are interested in the spatial characteristics of organizational systems. Such spatially structured systems are conducive to creative inspiration, product innovation, inter-firm linkages, labor mobility, and specialized services.


Business of fashion is an online magazine that provides business intelligence and insights on the global fashion industry. Founded in 1997, the publication serves as an authoritative voice for the fashion industry and is a member community of over 125 countries. The publication features independent journalism, business advice, online learning, and career-building tools. Business of fashion also hosts events and experiences that allow its readers to immerse themselves in the industry.

Political influences

Politicians have an interesting influence on fashion. While fashion has always been influenced by culture, power, and celebrity, the influence of politicians on fashion is not limited to those categories. From the early days of the fashion industry to the modern era, political figures have had a great impact on fashion.