What Makes Up News?


News is a complex phenomenon. It has many components and can vary in content, audience, and evaluation across different societies. However, there are certain common elements that make up news. These include Values, Selection, and Exclusion. It also has to be shareable and useful. Let’s explore each in turn. Then, consider how these elements make up news in your society.


There are many different values of news. Some of them are related to the way news is produced and some are related to its consumption. For example, there is a debate about the differences between the passive and active ways that audiences consume news. Some research focuses on the importance of news values, while others focus on the mix of different news types.


Selection of news is a complex process that affects both the content and the perception of news. While there are no clear-cut rules, researchers have observed that there are certain key principles that influence the selection of news.


Exclusion from news is a feature that allows users to narrow down which news they would like to read. For example, if you’re interested in a specific topic, you can remove articles that relate to that topic. By adjusting your preferences, you can get relevant news faster.


Shareability is a key measure of a news story’s impact. Stories with high shareability tend to have a positive impact on readers. Stories about coups or celebrity scandals are less likely to receive widespread sharing. The key to making a story shareable is its headline.


There are a few different situations where you can use exclusivity in news. For example, if you want to cover a new product launch, you can pitch an exclusive to a major media outlet. While exclusives are good in many situations, they can also be annoying to consumers who do not get the news first. If you cannot get an exclusive, try offering new information after the story has broken. Use this time to offer new angles and talking points about your product, or put a unique spin on a recent news event.

Feature articles

Feature articles are a unique type of writing material that goes beyond news stories to explain a subject in greater detail. They focus on a particular person, place, idea, or organization. Unlike traditional news stories, feature articles do not follow the traditional inverted pyramid structure. Instead, they make use of storytelling devices to engage readers and make them feel a part of the story. They are especially common in magazine writing, though they can also appear in other forms of media.

Unplanned, naturally occurring events

Crisis events that are not planned or anticipated are becoming more frequent, more unpredictable, and more severe. The most recent Atlantic hurricane season included seven named storms, and the wildfire season in California began early and quickly became one of the worst in history. This makes crisis planning for organizations more critical than ever.