Which Types of News Should You Subscribe To?


When it comes to news, there are many types available: Breaking news, Feature stories, and Reporting events. But which ones are the best? And which ones should you subscribe to? Here are some examples. Feature stories and Breaking news are the most popular types of news coverage, and you should check out each of them. Here’s how to choose the best news source for your needs. And don’t forget to check out our list of the best news services.

Reporting events

The first important factor in determining what constitutes current events is when the news is not biased. In addition to recent occurrences, current events can also include past events if there is a legitimate continuing public interest in them. For example, a previous meeting between two politicians may have significant repercussions on future voting behavior. Moreover, the news should be intended for public consumption, not for exclusive use. In this case, biased reporting will not be allowed.

Feature stories

While breaking news and hard news stories are the most popular kinds of stories, feature-style stories have their place, too. They give a human face to a particular issue and can provide readers with some insight. If a community is suffering from a methamphetamine epidemic, for example, a feature-style story might focus on how a drug treatment center helps addicts get off the street. It also discusses the underlying issues, such as the presence of gangs in the neighborhood.

Breaking news

As the name suggests, breaking news is a piece of news that is happening as quickly as possible. The idea is that the news is so urgent that viewers will be compelled to tune in immediately to find out what’s going on. While the definition of breaking news is not entirely clear, the term has undergone considerable evolution as mass media have developed. Today, breaking news is primarily driven by the internet, where online news services offer real-time reporting of breaking stories. However, some scholars worry that the increased number of breaking news will ultimately reduce the value of traditional journalism.

Specialized news services

Unlike mainstream media outlets, specialized news services cover particular topics. Most of them cover major subjects, but some specialize in a specific area of knowledge. For example, Money-Media, a division of the Financial Times, won 15 awards at the 2020 SIPA Awards. Other categories included Best Use of Data, Best Editorial Video, Best Single Feature, and Best Interpretive or Analytical Reporting. In addition to awarding the best news services, the SIPAs also recognize excellence in the specialized information industry.

Media monopolies

Ben Bagdikian’s The New Media Monopoly may well be the first great media book of the twenty-first century. The book is a comprehensive guide to the media issues of our time and offers a clear path to understanding them. But what are the causes of these monopolies? And how can we fight back? Ultimately, a media monopoly helps to encroach on the freedom of speech of our people.